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From years of working the world’s classic street performance locations – The east coast of America, all through Europe, and Great Britain, Todd has developed a connection with people that often leads to what can only be described as a mass movement of audience participation, wielding the power to combine strangers into an audience, and an event into a celebration.

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The Great Escape

‘The Great Escape’ is an all ages show. It’s a masterclass of showmanship. Gathering an audience with quick humour the show moves into a sword swallowing like warm up trick, climaxing to the finale featuring the Houdini-like escape from a certified strait jacket and surrounded by metal chains. The Great Escape provides a chance to forget your troubles and revel in a little madness.

Watching Todd’s Great Escape show is a lesson in entertainment!
Ian Kendall
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Wild West Street Show

Like a pioneer of the American Plains, Duke Loopin has taken Western Arts to new frontiers. Featuring rope spinning, whip cracking, gun twirling, and knife throwing! More than just light entertainment, the Duke Loopin show takes you back to the time of the cowboy way.

Everyone loved Duke Loopin, from the grandparents to the kids, we all watched the cowboy tricks and loved the way he drew people into the show.
Dave Brown
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The award winning magic routine of Ruse takes audiences by surprise from start to finish. His gently flowing presentation of the famous cup and balls routine leaves all ages amazed and thoroughly amused. Technically flawless, his dexterity and physical work is paired with a Buster Keaton style of comedy that leaves kids, adults and families in stitches.

The crowd were laughing the whole way through and nothing prepared them for that finale!
Peter Clark
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